April 3, 2009

Who is SymCare?

Amy T has a post about SymCare on Diabetes Mine. I was trying to post a comment there but I guess she got smart, 'cause as soon as her server saw me coming it took a dive and wouldn't let me post. No dummy that Amy Bennet scares people away. Better have the site go down that have him post. LOL - Love Ya/ Mean It, Amy.

So who is this SymCare in West Chester PA? Were are they in West Chester? I looked for an address. It is no place on their web page. The FDA has an address for Symcare. Same address as Animas'.
200 lawrence drive
west chester, PA 19380
As for the FDA clearance in the press release, it is "substantially equivalent (SE)... Clinical Chemistry."

inTouch is an old name for a LifeScan software program. Looks like they dusted of a golden oldie, the copyright on this inTouch PDF is 2001.

This time they mention wireless so all the pictures of hooking up you meter to the back of the PC will be replaces with trying to sync wireless.

SymCare was out hiring reps. Google returns a lot of hits for old Job postings. And a few lines in programmers resumes.

SymCare kinda feels like a marketing campaign waiting to happen. Wireless updating of BG to the doctor's office anyone? If it is, Mark has something really smart to say about that.

The first post I wrote for YDMV (back when it was part of another blog) was based on this simple idea that Mark expressed at FFL, "My wife and I are our daughter’s primary care team.” Mark is smart.

Remember what Mark said.