December 31, 2009

FTNW: Late with the news but there is an ezManager Recall

I was cleaning the table and found a recall notice buried under all the junk. Dated Dec 17:

"When you use seven (7) or more basal segments as part of basal program 1, the "Pump Settings Report" incorrectly duplicates basal segment 8 information and displays it as basal segment 7 in the printed report."

Please note: This issue is only occurring in the "Pump Settings Report." The actual settings in the insulin pump itself are not affected by this issue.

There was a URL in the letter but either I can't type (I can't) or the link doesn't work. I didn't see a link off the Animas site.

They sent out a new disk.


The Stopper Family said...

Wow, I don't remember getting that notice. And, I definitely use more than 7 basal segments, so I'll have to get the program manually off the pump for our next Endo appt and let the nurse know next time I send her numbers to review!

Bennet said...

Hi stoppers. Merry New Year.
You want exman. version 2.0.14

Call 866 423 4087

the url I couldn't type is:

It is the manual.