March 22, 2010

BSparl by Dummies: How Not To Raise the Baby

Here's a way to say Love Ya / Mean It to Kerri, Chris and Miss BSparl!

Just before the birth of our first child friends and family passed around a small blank notebook. In it they recorded parenting advice, mostly of the possibly practical but certainly silly nature. It was fun. I particularly liked the stuff about a parent’s responsibility to embarrass their teenager.

With the highly anticipated d├ębut of Miss BSparl, I suggest that her mom’s online friends offer our brilliance on the topic of child rearing. Having been raised ourselves; I submit we all have more than sufficient expertise. Some of us may even have experience raising kids who successfully moved out of our houses. With our wisdom in hand, Kerri and Chris need only do the polar opposite of our suggestions to be assured total parenting success!

Your caring comments are welcome. We have even created categories to post under. Want to suggest a new category? There is even one for that at the bottom. Humor and joy are welcome.

Celebrating babies is what communities do jump on in.


1 comment :

  1. Oh. My. God. Chris and I are looking at the BSparl site and DYING laughing. There's a whole section on poop!!!

    Bennet, you are too much. You guys are all too much - BSparl is lucky to have this kind of wild and crazy, wise and wonderful extended family.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    xoxo - Kerri and Chris (and BSparl!)