April 14, 2010

Mille, Modern, Throroughly

The boy has the lead in the school musical. Supporting the cast we are working on another 7,236 carbs.

Any YDMV readers in the Philly area who want to come see him and his schoolmates sing and dance shows are:

Friday, April 16, 8 pm
Saturday, April 17, 7 pm
Sunday, April 18, 2 pm
Friday, April 23, 8 pm
Saturday, April 24, 7 pm

Tickets are available see http://www.ancss.org/about/news/millie

Bonus points will be awarded to anyone who spots pump tubing.

1 comment :

  1. Before I had my son, I was a choral and theater teacher, so I just have to say to him: ROCK! ON!

    And, of course, the more traditional, "Break a leg!"