September 1, 2010

Diabetes Art Day

At our house art involves cameras. The new camera shoots video too so art involves video. We rant about writing, editing and design and too. Opinions over acting are fighting words. Here the Emmys and Oscars are full contact sport just served with guacamole. Come to think of it cooking is an art we are passionate about too but I digress.

So staying in character our submissions for art day are some of our favorite diabetes videos.


  1. Love it! Actually, I JUST smashed an old One Touch that no longer worked after being waterlogged! Almost included this in my D-Art project, but feared it'd be too busy-like. Happy to see you got the job done in your own creative ways! Props to all the videos!

  2. The second video had me rolling! I'm going to have my boys watch this...on second thoughts...I don't want to give them any ideas!

  3. Those videos are "Absolutely Fabulous" (snicker)! The use of the movie and TV titles was positively brilliant! "Pancreatic Arrested Development" was by far my favorite, a fine tribute to such a fine show that met the most dreaded of fates in our house - premature cancellation for being too clever for its own good.

    The meter smashing exercise has therapeutic written all over it. It did make me feel really old in D years though because my first thought was of my first Lifescan meter, circa 1984. If memory serves me correctly, it cost my mom about $400, and that was with the $100 or $200 rebate coupon I'd gotten from camp, all out of pocket because the tech was too avant-garde for health insurance purposes. My how times have changed, yet they stay the same...

    During the last one, I fondly recalled the time I was taking a shower, and looked down to find a strip by my foot. I took delight that very nicely captured a similar moment in the drain scene.

    Well done, and big thanks for sharing these in honor of Diabetes Art Day! It was an unimginably great success, and I can only offer my heartfelt gratitude to you and everyone who participated

    As a footnote, we LOVE movies and TV in our house, but we're not much for watching the awards shows. Nonetheless, should you ever feel inclined to invite us over to watch with your family, that's an invitation I would not refuse ;)