December 16, 2010

Insulin Pumps/Medical Devices and Airport Security

Passing this on for travelers with pumps:

From :

Insulin Pumps/Medical Devices and Airport Security

We have conducted official testing on the effects of the new full body scanners at airports with Medtronic medical devices. Since the new scanners include X-ray, remove your insulin pump, Guardian monitor, sensor, transmitter, meter and remote (refer to the User Safety section of your device user guide) before going through the scanner.

If you do not wish to remove your Medtronic devices, ask TSA personnel that your medical devices cannot go through the scanner and alternative (pat-down) screening is needed.

As a reminder, it is safe to go through the airport metal detectors with your Medtronic devices.
Taking of CGM Transmitter sounds a lot easier than I think it will be in practice. Good luck travelers.

Editors note:
Sara - Thanks for the comment. I called Dexcom. They don't have a similar press release / statement. They have not done testing. They have not had negative comments from users or staff that have traveled wearing a Dexcom sensor. They pointed out that taking the transmitter off sensor has a fairly good chance of dislodging the sensor wire - YDMV.


Sara said...

What the heck?! Just take off a sensor?! I have Dex but I can't imagine the advice being much different. Not wasting that kind of money to fly an already overpriced flight. Looks like I'm getting felt up on Saturday.

Sarah Jane said...

I am so not looking forward to this travel business. I just want to see my family for Christmas, why do they have to make things so difficult?

Arielle said...

I'm confused. I've always been told that the pump can go through the regular metal detector but not the Xray belt. If you take off your pump to go through the scanner, how is it supposed to get to you on the other side? Belts and watches and things that beep in the metal detector usually get put in a little bucket and sent through the Xray. Has anyone been successful in explaining to the TSA that the pump needs to be taken off the body but cannot go through the Xray? I'm not sure I would trust TSA to handle my pump, frankly.

Are we there yet? said...

@Arielle we have always had our pumps(usually the spares) hand checked by the TSA. Then wand them and test them for residue....The kids wear their pump through the scanners but the extras get hand checked.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any option other than a pat-down. I called Animas about the full-body scanner and their pump and they said no. The rep suggested handing the pump to a TSA Agent, but I don't think a TSA agent would do that, and I wouldn't want them to. When they found out my daughter's pump had been through the x-ray machine on the conveyor belt they insisted she immediately disconnect and get a replacement pump. They said they could not guarantee that it would still be calibrated correctly. I read on these blogs that many people have done that. There needs to be some clear information for pump and medical device users.

Anonymous said... states that you can request a visual inspection of your pump if you don't want it to go through the xray belt. So, if you don't mind taking off the pump, you can go through the scanner yourself (avoiding the pat down, unless you alarm) and the pump can be visually inspected rather than go through the xray with your carry ons.