August 22, 2011

Shouldn't Better Diabetes Devices Be BIGGER News?

Pump-hack-gate, yes I am officially going with the gating of the event to signify its significance, continues to get print and now more media attention for the congress members who wrote a letter about it.

Here is the thing that bugs me. Do these same folks have the same interest in keeping people with diabetes healthy? Do they invest a similar concern that Low Glucose Suspend is available in 40 countries around the world but not here in the USA where it was engineered?  Do they cover advances that can save the lives of kids with the same attention that they cover the very unique and isolated hacking of a pump.

No. It doesn't seem so.

I though I was used to the rest of the world not appreciating the real risks of type 1 diabetes. The food police and the ignorant are one thing. One ignorant person at a time. This wholesale stuff with media that are selling their banner ads with stories about what are very marginal risks would do well to learn what the real balancing acts of diabetes are and what the risk associated with them mean in daily life.

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