September 17, 2011

Not Enough

I hate seeing blue candles.
I loathe the very reason they exist.
I pray to never see another.
Blue candle are a small tribute to a young life lost to type 1 diabetes
lost to overnight lows.
They are condolences beyond the words fail to express our feelings.
Like words they fall short in sharing them.
I am angered that better means of detecting, alerting and treating overnight lows is possible, 
but lack a clear paths, through regulatory approval, insurers red tape and into homes.
I grieved that better care is not more available.
I am numbed at the sight of blue candles.
I am numb at the the increasing frequency of seeing them.
I grieve for losses, unknown to those who would share,
ineloquent words and
insufficient blue candles.
I appreciate researcher who advance type 1 care.
I admire those who make basic diabetes care more available around the world. 
I love the champions and advocates of families living with diabetes.
I celebrate the actions beyond blue candles.

 Blue candles are not enough.