March 7, 2013

ThePerfectD aka @ThePerfectDBlog

I wrote this a few years ago. I still feel the same way, maybe more so. 
I try to learn from my feelings around type 1 how to honor others without a response that minimizes their struggles.  
When I was at the low point of my deluge of diabetes related emotions I looked forward to a weekly podcast. It was my link to a world that shared similar lives. The news on science was a glimmer of hope for the future. The advice on care provided strength to do better day to day. Mostly the voice of the presenter was a connection to an individual who honored my struggles.  
I got to meet her. She is far more dynamic and caring than I could have guessed and I had ridiculously high expectations. I got to see her again the next year. She introduced her mom. I considered that to be a privilege. Her mom is a hero to me. I want my daughters as well raised this mom's.

The ODC has grown in amazing ways. Still there is room for more, particularly when it is making space for the return of woman I wrote that for. New blog, but all that and more. 

Welcome back Christel, ThePerfectD