June 20, 2013

Social Media and The Monster Under the Bed

Join me (and a bunch of other people far more interesting than me) for a special session at the upcoming Children with Diabetes’ Friends for Life conference in Orlando on social media and diabetes support. If you are planning to attend FFL this year, I'd love for you to join us for an exchange between clinical/academic experts and the diabetes online community. If you can't make it to FFL you can join a streaming of the event. DOC members (including your truly) will talk with a panel of clinical/academic experts assembled to specifically to discuss the value of peer-to-peer support and the online community.

Sign up Now!

Participating live or online can help demonstrate the value we in the DOC place on peer to peer social media. If you plan to attend in person, please RSVP by June 28 to P4DC@toniclc.com. (I hope it fills up fast, maybe and early RSVP is better than later.) If you want to join the live stream please fill out this registration

We’ll also field questions on Twitter via the #P4DC hash tag on the day of the session.

Here are some more details. 

Partnering for Diabetes Change (P4DC) is a coalition of people living with diabetes and industry representatives aimed at addressing unmet needs in diabetes through community and collaboration. I am honored volunteer my time to help organize P4DC efforts, including this event. I am thrilled that the people at Johnson and Johnson support the community and make things like this possible. P4DC seeks to validate the role of peer support in diabetes management, address the stigma of type diabetes, and ultimately support underserved communities.

You can be a part of the P4DC effort by participating in this live event, and by offering questions either in person or via Twitter. It is P4DC’s hope that through this session, they will be able to make a first step in showcasing the value of the DOC and the importance of social media engagement for patients.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you
    ... oh and the event too.

  2. The Ghosn's will be at FFL. Sadly I will have to miss this particular event as we will be spending Wednesday at Universal Studios with Harry Potter. hoping there will be lots of blog posts and such regarding all that was discussed during this awesome event so I can catch up. Can't wait to see everyone.

  3. as a follow up - I will try to check in via Twitter to follow along. I mean when Im not flying on broom sticks and dueling He Who Should Not Be Named.

  4. Flying brooms with He Who Should Not Be Named is a good use of the time. Kinda whish I was too.