June 4, 2014

Medtronic Combines Set and CGM - @DiabetesMine

Good Friend, Mike Hoskins has a write up on Medtronic combination CGM sensor and infusion set that has been introduced in Europe, over at DiabetesMine. Well worth a click, here is a little tease of what he has to say:

Medtronic is leading the charge on new diabetes devices again, with a first-of-its-kind combo device launched in Europe that brings a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor and insulin infusion set together into a single device with combined insertion capability!
The company announced its launch of the Minimed Duo on Tuesday, after getting CE Mark approval for European sale early this week.
The new Duo uses the Minimed Veo system (which is the 2009-approved European version of thenew Minimed 530G system that was approved in the U.S. last fall) and the accompanying Enlite sensor.
The magic here is that the Duo merges the insertion needs for both insulin infusion and CGM monitoring into just one spot on the body — instead of two different sites on your body as has always been required. Note that this is not the full dream of a single cannula — you’d still have two puncture spots on the skin where the steel catheter and glucose sensor go in — but you’d only have to push one button on a single, combined inserter to place both your insulin pump and CGM automatically, plus the needles retract so you don’t have to see them.


  1. Interesting development, with all the uncertainty about whether this can actually be done and how others like OmniPod are pushing hard for this type of thing. Personally, I can't get past the 3 day wear time... totally a step backwards. And add on the MM sensor issues, this seems a missed mark of priorities IMHO. To be seen...

  2. Mike

    Thanks for the piece at the 'Mine and taking the time to moment here.

    My first faction was that set last a few days and sensor much longer.

    Our experience is that sensors when used can last 5+ times the 2 day life we typically see form a set.

    I guess this is truly a YDMV issue, and I am sure many folks are looking for less real-estate sued and fewer insertions.

    Thanks again see ya soon I hope.

    - One of these years we go to a race there in your town.