July 15, 2014

Stanford research develops news way of diagnosing T1D.

From the SF Chronicle:
A Stanford University team has developed a small invention to spot an increasingly large health problem: Type 1 diabetes. 
The palm-size chip can analyze a few blood drops and diagnose the disease in new diabetics, as well as identify people who are at risk of developing the disease, the scientists say. They are filing for a patent, seeking federal regulatory approval and helping to form a startup to commercialize the chip, which they say works more quickly and is cheaper than existing diagnostic tools. 


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  1. Very interesting, Bennet, and thanks for sharing. I can't believe the number of people in the DOC who were diagnosed Type 2 because the proper tests weren't performed and they were really Type 1 or LADA. A relatively inexpensive test should help solve that problem. Of course this test is only useful if doctors are educated to use it:-)