March 18, 2015

Transparency on Insulin %&#%Problems

%&#% = pump

What were you thinking?

In "Experts call for transparency on insulin pump problems" - Kathryn Doyle - Reuters, there is a call for better data on insulin pump errors. It would be easy to read into this that pumps increase risk. I doubt that is the case.  All the data I have seen suggest that people on pumps do better with their diabetes management.

So when talk of Insulin Pump Problems, should be made in the context of insulin. Taking Insulin is risky - Diabetes is a Problem. Pumps are an imperfect but valuable mitigation of diabetes and its risk.

I would hope/think that clear direction on Medical Device Reports (MDR) to FDA and access to those MDRs would be useful in getting the information needed. I ma reasonably confident that pump companies are diligent about MDRs. Yes - Data is useful, so are pumps. Insulin is dangerous and THAT should be kept in mind when talking about pumps. People on pumps do better.

So how about transperencey on insulin problems too?

No throwing the baby out with the bathwater.