December 14, 2016

I had prostate cancer. It’s been a blessing.

I've been out of circulation.

Turns out I’m fortunate; I had prostate cancer. It’s been a blessing.

Fortunate first because, I’m using the past tense - HAD. OK, it is still early, but all the information so far points to success. Score. I’m saying had.

From the first concerns to the diagnosis, and surgery, I had a lot of fun riding hundreds of miles on my bike. They had me in better condition than I have been in for a decade or more. Being in better shape helped. Rides were my meditation and were the space where I could get emotionally ready for the surgery.

I’m lucky it was detected while it was localized. What matters is I had, and still have a stunning level of support from family, friends and health care team.

I wince when people say they are sorry for what I have been through. While I greatly appreciate that sentiment, sorry isn't the lens I see my experience through.
I’m not at all sorry for it.

I am thrilled that, if cancer was in my life’s path, it was slow growing, highly treatable type.

I greatly appreciate that my family doctor of 30+ years connected me with a second opinion. That second opinion proved to be the star of my team. I benefited from the personal relationship between these two professionals. It is such that a phone call from my primary was all it took to get me a personal phone call and appointment from a surgeon whose staff said his calendar was booked for months. That took less than a day.

I could not work with better people. Family first isn't what they say; it is how they live. It was never about picking up the slack; it was always about being proactively supportive.

My family is wonderful. They showed that even when I didn’t. They supported my both contradictory fierce independence charting a path through the process and rants at the myriad of SNAFUs that come from the spectacularly non-systematic health process, incorrectly called the healthcare system. I am sure my vacillating between being noncommutative or a ranting loon was not fun.

I’m not sorry. I’m blessed.

I much more clearly see the many blessings who are the people in my life.

Love Ya Mean It


  1. Bennett -
    LYMI - sending love, hugs and continued positive vibes to you and yours my friend.

  2. Glad a speedy recovery and supportive family (and friends) made it easy!

  3. Bennett,
    Very glad it's past tense. Stay well!

  4. Your attitude is wonderful! I'm happy things have worked out so well. My brother was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer in September but it hasn't spread. I'm hoping things work out as well for him. Love and hugs.

  5. Glad you're doing well Bennett. Have had a few mates go through it, and they are doing well too! Keep on riding! Keep on enjoying every day that we have on our big blue marble! That's my attitude to life with what's hit me over the years (and not just diabetes - that's the easier thing to deal with I find).

  6. T2 here who also went through Prostate Cancer. I personally opted for Radiation therapy for it. I was at Moffitt Cancer center for 9 weeks of daily external radiation treatment. I was also very lucky to have great Doctors.

    1. YPCMV. LOL

      Finding the right Doc and treatment for you, you life and managing your cancer is the name of teh game. Happy to hear of your success, Joe.