October 25, 2007

More on Lilly/MarcoGenics & JDRF

This just in from my buddy at JDRF, (Who was building a strong case for not being called a geek “I am not a geek.” See I said it was a strong case - until he wrote, in very good humor: “If you have any additional questions, please submit them, in writing, in triplicate.” - It was the triplicate the crossed the line into geekdome.)

Any way he wrote:
The Lilly-MacroGenics deal did not trigger any events for JDRF at this point. They’re essentially tied to development and commercialization.

I am good with that. I like others (aka Lilly) are stepping up with big money to invest in the better technology. Particularly in an environment where Pfizer is writing of a few billion on the diabetes market.

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