October 1, 2008

From The News Wire: RDIF, Non Invasive, Not Tested on People, BG Metering

Well it sounds like they just started to me but what to I know? The headline is "Researchers Finish Work on Needle-free Glucose Tester"

The idea is a skin patch that talks to you cell phobe via RDIF

Developed by Gentag, Georgetown University and SAIC, the system uses a non-invasive skin patch to measure a patient's glucose level, and an RFID-enabled cell phone to receive that data.

Sept. 30, 2008—A team consisting of Georgetown University's Georgetown Advanced Electronics Laboratory (GAEL) researchers, Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), and Gentag, has finished development on a glucose measuring system that, once commercially available, would allow diabetics to monitor their glucose levels electronically—using an RFID-enabled cell phone—without needing to prick their fingers.


  1. I don't get it - it tests ISF glucose, not blood glucose. Kind of useless unless your levels are always a flat line.

  2. Wow, I'd be happy to have Emma be a guinea pig on this one. I know that ISF is about 20 minutes behind blood, but it sure would be great for tracking trends and the "just checking" checks and limit the blood sticks to just before meals and "at risk for low" times.

    Kinda like a CGMS without the invasiveness.

  3. I wonder about scarring. If I remember my science 130 degrees Celsius is above the boiling point of water. Even for 30 milliseconds, I have to wonder what the effects of repeated long term use would be on your skin?

  4. I can't imagine, though, that the repeated effects on skin would be any worse than the thousands of fingersticks my daughter will do in her lifetime. I hope it works and eventually can be tested on humans - how great would that be to be noninvasive but accurate?