February 17, 2010


I think in some cases I need to be sure no good deed good unpunished. In one of my more Zen posts I wrote:
I am happy to point out two lovely ladies who helped me get the honoring bit there straight. I trust this is not trite praise.
I have learned that looking at somebody who is struggling and honoring their suffering without giving them some trite formula is often little more than the courage to share my own experience without any expectation of return. I love the people who have showing me how to do that. To a woman and man none claims to be a perfect diabetic or parent. They simply shared their daily triumphs and challenges. They honor each other’s struggles and in doing so are simply human to one another.

Kerri is the Diabetes Online Community’s Queen of sharing the daily joy s of life. She has enriched us all in the process. Be afraid Kerri I have plans. But until I manage to get my maniacal plot hatched I encourage y’all to join her for a webinar on February 24, at 8pm as a way of saying thanks and probably laughing and learning too. The particulars are HERE.

K2 aka Kelly Kunik hit the big 5-0 - Fifty thousand visit to Diabetesaliciousness! She is rightfully proud. While she doesn’t want to sound like a schmuck about it, nobody has ever accused me of dignity. I am happy to shill the living daylights out of her accomplishment. Go to her blog and pass on some congratulation and thanks. She has the grace to honor struggle without trite formulas.

K & K2 Love Ya / Mean It


  1. Bennet:
    Thanks for the shout-out!
    love ya,mean it! And might I add, can't wait till our paths cross again!
    Kelly K

  2. And thanks from me, too, Bennet. :) I appreciate you helping me spread the word about the webinar!!