July 22, 2010

Great Minds...

 ...Blog Alike.

Ginger Vieira has a great entry up today about speaking up for yourself with your health care providers. Yesterday I had the pleasure of highlighting Bob Fenton piece on being prepared for the hospital which was very similar. While Connor was having his appendix pulled out his belly button I wrote along the same lines.

I am sure there are a bunch of other closely related comments out there.

In fact I read Kerri's whole type 1 pregnancy and resulting happy, extremely cute (I have seen the kid and that may be an understatement) baby series and a first hand account of working with your doctors while not blindly following them. That there is a really good point.

In the very first post I wrote for YDMV (second posted) I wrote;

After a while of this the guy next to me, Mark, said something so brilliant it stopped me cold. He said, and this is a close as I can get to a quote;

‘My wife and I are our daughter’s primary care team.'


That may have been the single best sentence of the week. I would say we hold these truths to be self evident but it obviously wasn’t evident to anyone else in the room until he said it. Then there was unanimous support for the idea.
Be your primary care giver.

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  1. Couldn't agree more! Your diabetes may vary (I wish I'd thought of that blog title!) and you're going to know it better than any doctor.

    Go patient power!