October 19, 2010

Read Riva

Great minds think alike. OK, in my case great is probably over reaching so how about, 'Aspiring minds read the same stuff for inspiration.' That is my way of saying, “Yeah me too!” to Scott Strumello’s words of praise for Rive Greenburg’s pieces on the DRI.

Riva has two wonderful pieces up at the Huffington Post on the DRI and research to find a cure. Like Scott I encourage you to go read them and will tempt you with little bits that I found wonderful:

From Part 1 a frank and honest the answer to how long will it take to find a cure:
Q ... 38 years ago I was told we'd have a cure in five to 10 years back then. Are we any closer?

CR: We are much closer, there's been more progress in the last five years than the preceding five decades. It won't happen tomorrow, though, and I hate to over-promise because so many people have been disillusioned. But I'm still working with the same enthusiasm and determination as if the cure will be within the next three years.
From Part 2 a touching look into the feelings of a researcher

Q: What's your biggest challenge?

CR: Besides funding, it's the blocking of a physician or scientist when he has the ability to cure one individual. The soldier in Afghanistan is a perfect example; If I were following existing rules to the letter, I really shouldn't have done the transplant because I didn't have the needed approvals in place at the time.

In the current regulatory environment, if you have a patient with diabetes or cancer you can only treat using randomized, evidence-based medicine, or findings from a major trial.

I went into medicine to be able to help one person at a time while concentrating my efforts on developing a cure for millions.

Scott and I found different parts of Riva's articles quote worthy. I hope you will go read them both and share the parts that you find quote worthy. I look forward to seeing a lot of links back to Riva around the DOC as we are all inspired by her articles on DRI's work.

As a parent of two type 1 kids my thanks go out to Dr. Ricordi and the DRI. As one of the many who hope to benefit from his work I just want the guy to know it is OK if he takes a little time to go fishing and de-stress a little (A reference to part 2. You'll have to read it yourself.)

LY/MI Doc.

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