October 12, 2010

Yo Ho

One of my blog post was highlighted on a site with a number from Kerri’s, Caroline and Cherise at Diabetes Daily, and some other fine DOC folks. It would be an honor to be in such outstanding company if it were not for the whole walk the plank nature of the thing.

Highlight is a more than kind, is little deal is more like a wholesale pirate job. From what I can tell the site has content that is noting but posts lifted from other, smashed onto a blog that exist to serve up ads from DoubleClick oh and some links to books at Amazon. The site takes privacy fairly seriously in that whoever set the thing up keeps their identity well hidden.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I am not so sure. Not so sure this is imitation but that aside I feel more flattered by the friendship and welcome that the DOC gives in abundance than anything imitation could offer. I would be easy to focus on feeling taken by this experience but that would miss the point. The real point is my life has been greatly enriched by our community. In no small part by all the people who like Kerri lead lives that are not defined by diabetes but in part explained by it.

That explanation is that through our shared experiences we have learned to honor others struggles with and beyond diabetes without simplistic formulas. We have learned to be more human. The serious crime here would be if parasitic sites discourage people from participating in the online community.

Our community is important so important that it attracts charlatans. Perversely that is high praise.


  1. Awesome... appears as though they "borrowed" this post as well. Classic.

    Time to start contacting service providers, perhaps?

  2. OK now that is just hysterical.