April 14, 2011

Carb Counts and Beyond

Lesson From Toy Story

Pixar’s Toy Story has had a huge impact on our family. We are fans. Geeky, buy the behind the scenes book about the art of Pixar, fans.

We went to Disney World’s Halloween Party dressed as Toy Story characters. Twice. Well Kelley was Tinker Bell the first year.

We were all Zurgs the second time. Yes I made all the costumes.

That takes me to geekdom and beyond.

All those years ago Buzz Lightyear has some sound advice, to infinity and beyond. It seems like carb counting stretches out indefinitely. That’s not a bad thing. It means looking to a long healthy future and dragging diabetes along - like slink dog’s rear end. Some times it waddles along fine. Other times it come shooting up and rebounds past where you want it.

I think folks in the diabetes universe are light years ahead of most folks ‘casue we read the sides and backs of food packages. We are carb counters. So since we are reading all these labels anyway why not glance at something in addition to the carbs? Just pick one and see if you're getting what you need or too much of it.

Consider salt.

The amount we get in the diet from the shakers on the table and in the kitchen is probably less than 10% of what Joe Schmo eats. And while we worry about the carb counts of restaurant menus they are really burying us with salt too. Have a look at these dishes. WTH like we don’t have enough issues already. http://health.yahoo.net/experts/eatthis/saltiest-foods-2011

Come to think of it the movie popcorn is probably less than health food. That said, the mental health value of movies with the kids last to infinity and beyond.

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