April 3, 2011

How I Almost Missed My Flight.

... I blame Dunkin Donuts

I had an early morning flight on Thursday to go to the Medtronic social media thing. Being a responsible driver, I stopped for coffee before I hit pre-sunrise traffic. Yes that is how thoughtful of other drivers I am, it had NOTHING to do with MY caffeine addiction.

Me, “‘morningmediumcoffeejustcreamplease”

DD makes a regular with extra sugar.

Me, “This has sugar. Can you make a just cream?”

DD, “You don’t want Sugar?”

Me, “Just cream thanks.”

DD does this a lot. I think I have discovered why. The Just cream was also very lacking in actual coffee goodness. It was the 97 pound weakling on the caffeine muscle beach. Brown warm water that tasted like half the grounds and that had been recycled. Sugar was the only thing that gave it flavor, no wonder they put it in even when you don't want it. Sadly I had hit traffic before this was abundantly clear.

I couldn’t drink it. I am fairly confident that why I missed the turn for the parking lot and ended up on south bound I95. Also I feel it was a contributing factor in misplacing my iPhone in  my briefcase. Yes I lost my own phone in my own briefcase going through security.  By which I mean that I was in a panic thinking my phone was lost when it wasn’t I was just too insufficiently caffeinated to see it where it was. 

I was also too slow to notice I was in terminal B when the big TV screen said A.

I blame Dunkin Donuts. I did my part. I stopped for coffee. They failed. None of this could possibly be MY fault. ;)

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