June 3, 2011

Pennsylvanians: Oppertunity to Support of Safe at School Legislation

Pennsylvanians: Safe at School legislation for diabetes is pending and we have an opportunity to be supportive of it to our legislators.

The ADA has a quick and easy way to reach out. I also suggest sending and individualized communication if possible. Here is a link to ADA's information on the issue. As always vote early and often.

Here is what I wrote:
Students with diabetes most typically are type 1 diabetics. That is the form of diabetes that is an autoimmune disease. They require insulin injections and management, not as the result of life styles but as a result of their bodies no longer making insulin. Injected insulin is a balancing act. Many of the daily school events from physical education to the stress of academic work can and do impact that insulin balance. Kid may need help maintaining that balance.

With two insulin dependent type 1 students, I know first hand that this is a challenge. The clarity of this legislation will make life easier for schools, parents and mostly kids.

Safety for Pennsylvania students with diabetes means making sure schools understand diabetes and create safe environments for students to learn. More than anything schools, all schools public and private need guidance on how to create that safe environment. This legislation provides even handed, wise guidance.

Often schools officials see significant problems in creating that safe environment. The bill you are considering helps create that environment in a cost effective way. It provides for schools to train adults in the school to safely respond to an emergency when a nurse is not available.

In the current time of budget constraints safe at school programs that train adults to respond can help maintain a safe learning environment in a medically, educationally and fiscally sound manner.

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