June 1, 2011

Thanking a Brilliant Star

There is a nice article on Boston.com about people who have lived with type 1 diabetes for a log time. Like half to three quarters of a century. The story is about the things that made them thrive not just survive.

I think that thriving is a great plan. It takes other people to make thrive happen. I encourage you to read the article with an eye towards seeing how others help you thrive. I think about that in the context of this line from the piece, “With the right constellation of proactive activity, you can manage it.’’

Managing it, thriving, require a constellation. A whole bunch of stars. Stars do a lot. They inspire, they can be a point to navigate by and sometimes they just sparkle. They can’t be seen in the bright light of daily activity, they come back out in the quiet of the night.

Certainly individual stars shine bright, moms are key in this article and in most diabetic kid’s lives, yet they are not alone. There is a constellation.

I like to think of all of you as part of our constellation. You are all stars in my eyes and if our respective daily activity prevents me from seeing you shine today, I know calm clear nights are coming to help me see you all.

Thank to each of you for sharing your individual brilliance.

Oh and and bacon too. You know who you are and you are a star.