October 27, 2011

AP by Any Other Name & Experts on CGM #TwoBits

Two Bits form around the DOC:

Thanks to Scott Strumello for alerting me to this article with this great definition of 
Artificial Pancreas: "To merge three key aspects of type 1 diabetes management - human behavior, physiology, and technology." Way to include human behavior! Also way shorter than by post.

Another bit:

Apparently experts have caught up to what most PWD knew innately:
Experts Find Continuous Glucose Monitoring Beneficial in Maintaining Target Blood Glucose Levels, Now would someone please tell Scott's insurance? 


  1. Haha, well I know I will have new insurance next year but I just don't know which company it will be with yet (my employer is shopping around!

  2. I second that as well. Someone tell my insurance company as well.