November 9, 2011

CGM Sensor Trials

Most folks in the diabetes online community recognize a need for better CGM sensors. Part of getting them to market is testing them in clinical trials. Medtronic has news today about a CGM trial:
MINNEAPOLIS – Nov. 9, 2011 – Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE: MDT) today announced a new United States investigational device exemption study to evaluate the accuracy of six-day use in adults with diabetes of its Enlite™ Sensor, the company’s latest innovation in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology for people with diabetes. The study will evaluate Enlite, a glucose sensor for CGM designed to offer improved hypoglycemic detection and comfort compared to current CGM sensors. CGM provides a more complete picture of glucose control because it can reveal high and low glucose levels that periodic fingerstick testing might miss.
The first two patients in the study were enrolled at Rainier Clinical Research Center in Seattle, Wash., and at AMCR Institute in San Diego, Calif., by the sites’ principal investigators (PI), Ronald Brazg, M.D., and Timothy Bailey, M.D., respectively. 
Full press release info here 
Trials may or may not be your thing. Full consideration is needed for joining any study, but if you are interested in participating see: 

This is not the only CGM trial of interest.  For more on other CGM studies is also available at

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