November 1, 2011

Diaversary and our #T1Din3- "Bolus for Candy"

Halloween is our (first of two) diaversary. Spell check is having a hard time with the combination of diabetes and anniversary. That is OK spell check I know how you feel.

We have felt strange about it too, every year. I have found writing about it helps.

We haven'e always the same way about diagnosis anniversaries. It is like our diabetes has varied. At first we were still a little raw and then shortly after that first diaversary we got a second diagnosis and it was as raw as the first.  By now we are so far into the "new normal" that it is fairly close to simply normal.

Still Halloween is our day and Halloween brings out different responses in type 1 families. Some don't trick or treat, some fret about it, some buy back candy and then there is us. We eat the stuff. On nurses orders.

JDRF has a hash tag fest going on on Twitter, #T1Din 3. The idea is to share a T1 thought in three words. There is even a "Flat Stanley" thing to give diabetes the finger. We are all fairly sure it is "the wrong finger." (Not to telegraph one of our #T1Din3 offerings or anything.)

So anyway in honor of Connor getting sprung from CHOP our three words are, "Bolus for Candy."

We had great support at that first diagnosis. Here is a link to the story of Connor's diagnosis and the great care we received from our nurse at CHOP. She is the one who sprung him a day early so he could trick or treat and gave him instructions to eat the candy (as part of his meal plan.) 


  1. Love the use of the finger, pointing at the candy wrappers! Outstanding.

  2. We're 14 years since diagnosis. For probably the first 10 years, I was always very aware of the anniversary of the diagnosis. Now, I usually realize it after the fact. Our son has had T1 for twice as many years as he had without it. He's healthy, no complications, and yes, he eats Halloween candy (and boluses after).