March 8, 2012

Technology #TwoBits: Carb Counting Blues by @CelloBard

Marie Smith aka @CelloBard has a fun post sharing her observations on sensing. She likens her Dexcom to a school hall monitor and a bit of an unwelcome snitch. With good humor Marie shows the value of sensing to improve carb counting. Oh and oatmeal gets outed.

I also love her picture. It is great to see an image that make me hear.

On the topic of technology it stands to reason that some technology is out of date. makes that point about meters. Some where in this post there is a grain of common sense about meter accuracy and making sure you use supplies that are not expired (even if I don’t love the semi condescending tone of patient blame. Hey who teaches the patient anyway?) Still the post is on point, use a modern meter with test strips that are in date and have been properly stored. It also gives me a chance to suggest that folks never buy a meter.

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