March 6, 2012

#TwoBits: Starting a dBlog and wisdom from the dBlog that started us all

Starting your own diabetes blog has never been easier with the easy and free ebook from the Girls Guide to Diabetes. No you don’t have to be a girl to read it. 
My two cents in this two bits is read blogs, join the conversation with comments on blogs, as you develop you voice reag teh ebook and start your own. 

I am among those who view David Mendosa as the original and still king of the diabetes blogs. This week he writes about testing in, The Trouble with Glucose Testing. The key is being taught what to do about it, particularly for non insulin using T2Ds. Studies show the BG test don’t do any good and in large part it because the key part of the equation is missing: what to DO with the results. David has some insights on what to do. 

I just love this image. Gotta wear a latex glove on your other hand when you test you blood. I hope this give you as big a smile as it gave me. 

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