April 4, 2012


Glu is part of the T1D Exchange, a very significant effort to cure T1. At first glance it is a social media site but there is very much more. 
Glu is a way that you and I and every other T1D household can connect to a Type 1 database and if we choose share our information with the folks trying to find better treatments and cures. 
Your Diabetes May Vary. So Your Diabetes Needs to be Part of the Cure.
Glu is the portal to do that.
At the JDRF Research Summit in DC T1D Exchange gave a presentation that I think is a fantastic overview of thier programs. I video taped it and worked in the slides from the power point. 
I found out about T1D Exchange when they came to our endo appointment.  I have been in the beta test of the site for about a year. Glu is opening soon. Now  is a great opportunity to become involved in the cure process. I encourage everyone involved with T1D to have a look. 
Oh and on Glu I am BadShoe - Connect with me when you join.

Here is an email I was asked to forward to my friends, like you:

Thank you for all your help so far in being a part of the closed beta test of Glu - a new research-based community for people touched by type 1 diabetes.  
Your feedback has been invaluable and, in the last couple of weeks, we've added Shout Notifications, the ability to track your A1c in the Health Record and the ability to view oldest or newest Discussion posts. There are many more updates in the pipeline and, in the meantime, we'd appreciate your help by encouraging your friends and family who are touched by type 1 diabetes to take part in the beta test and help build the Glu community.  
Please could you forward this email on to them or ask that they email 
info@myglu.org with the subject line "myglu" to get the invite code. They can also text "myglu" to 41411 for a registration reminder. 
Many thanks for all your support so far - we will continue to keep you informed as we approach the full launch.

Best wishes, The Glu Team

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