April 7, 2012

#TwoBits - One Post by @momof2T1s

#TwoBits is a way of pointing to great stuff on the DOC. Pointing out two sites helps show there is a wide span of these great ideas. I do this as much to make myself seek out other work as anything else. I feel an obligation to point stuff out. A very good friend very passionately spoke recognizing and sharing others work not competing with it at some ungodly hour in the lobby at MedtronicDAF. She was so so right. #TwoBits also helps me do that.

So here it is one link with #TwoBits. I write because… by Christina. I so love what she writes about wearing hats and when they are they are worn. It helps that Christina is a mom to two T1s. That is bit #1.

#2 is how she recognizes Kerri. It is both Funny and appropriate. That ties back to the whole idea of recognizing others. A good friend of the DOC at Medtronic spoke about borrowing from other and in a reply to my post emailed the source of that document making the point that when boldly borrowing from other to cite the source. So thank Lane Desborough for teaching me Proudly Found Elsewhere and that it came from Proctor and Gamble.

More importantly thanks Christina for expressing why I write too.  

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