December 7, 2012

Diabetes, 2012, new places ‘and more’

My 2012 relationship with diabetes was about it moving to new places. Those brought new emotional challenges and more. Our T1D son move on to college and his diabetes challenges moved with him. The younger moved on to high school. Both are settling into to new places and dragging along their diabetes. These have new stresses. In the larger diabetes community I also see a desire to move, from talking about diabetes to taking actions.

Having a child move to college requires a different level of trust and confidence. Fortunately we have had ongoing coaching to work to that from the day of diagnosis. I think we have tried to prepare for diabetes moving out but it is still a new source of stress. We trust him and still we worry. Txt messages help.

Moving into high school is a big step, maybe bigger than college in terms of finding how to fit in with others. Naturally diabetes doesn’t make stepping into high school any easier. Seriously does diabetes make anything easier? No.  So why should high school be different? Diabetes is the Lord High King of making someone feel different. Not helpful in an environment where feeling different is already an issue. The good news is she choose to play ice hockey. Hockey has proven to be a wonderful thing, new, fun and physically demanding. It is still early in the season but the preliminary results are it does wonders for appetite, engaging with other, fun and even stabilizing sugars. Yay hockey!

The DOC has talked a lot and I am excited by efforts to move from talking about diabetes to doing stuff about it. That doing takes on a host of different meanings. It can be as simple as one on one conversations to help someone else become more confident and empowered. It can be making video, web sites, holding local support meetings and more. The and more is very exciting.  In my case part of the ‘and more’ has been starting DSMALive ‘Rents with my good friends Lorrain and Cherise.

I look forward to more and new ‘and more’ in 2013. Like my friend Mike I will focus on doing something.

How about you?

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