October 8, 2013

Tom Hanks goes on Letterman and talks about type 2 diabetes and I was watching Colbert.

Tom's conversation with Dave is an opportunity to talk about type 2 without the association of the obesity blame game. Tom Hanks is not the picture of obesity in America. More he is literally the picture of how typical Americans views themselves. A star. An Oscar winning, motion picture everyman.

He (like a lot of us, including me) has faced elevated glucose for an extended period of time (aka pre-diabetes). For Tom, those blood sugars have progressed. That is what T2D does. It progresses. Let's not blame Tom (and by extension every T2D) for that progression.

He has been aware, has worked with his physician to slow the progression to a full type 2 diabetes diagnosis to years - decades. Still those blood sugars have progressed. Tom had the courage to stand up and say Doc, your weight loss suggestion isn't realistic so, "I'm gonna have Type 2 diabetes, because there is no way I can weigh as much as I did in high school."

This isn't Tom failing and being T2D. This is him keeping it as just elevated BG, as pre diabetes, for a long time. Then, and with some humor moving, to the next step in the progression.

Also nice to hear Dave say he has had issues with high blood sugars. Here in lies the point. Type 2 isn't just some stereotypical obese person that media can offer up, and we collectively can look down on for not going to the gym. Not some imaginary fatty (who isn't 'us') to blame.

Look at Dave and Tom as the new poster boys of pre-diabetes and T2D. Think decades of talking with a physician about type 2 and working to slow the progression. If and when it does progress to type 2 diabetes, blame the rat bastard diabetes and honor the success of the patient, like Tom, who for the efforts made to keep it as elevated BGs and slow his progression to type 2.

I hope Tom can be just successful in the next phase of his progression with diabetes. Be successful working with his care team to do what he can to be healthy. When and if he hits another step, another medication, with the same humor move to the next step confident in the success that slowed the progression to it.

Type 2. It is a disease not a character flaw.

You can judge me for choosing Colbert over Dave, that may be a reflection of character.

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