October 20, 2014


StripSafely is at it again! #Vote4DM is a targeted awareness campaign that lets you tell Congress you know that there are three bills related to diabetes on the Hill and they need act on them. Go to StripSafley.com and  click Vote4DM above or TWITTER below. 


Our Ask

  • Join  Tweet-ins 8:00 PM-ish eastern on October 22 and 29.
  • Go here http://www.stripsafely.com/the-twitter-page/
  • Find your elected officials.
  • Click the 3 links. Coordinate, Educate and CGM for your Senators and Representative. (Bonus points for Tweeting Congressional leadership too.)

We figured out who is in the diabetes caucus, who has already cosponsored what, and the bill numbers and adjust the Tweets to fit.

All you do is Point and Click, what could be easier?

The Point

"It is impossible to move someone to action without first getting his or her attention," Back to Basics. So lets use simple tools to get attention, when Congress is listening, aka a few days before the election. Will it change a lot of their minds? No.

This it help a process of getting attention, start the wheel squeaking and our community asking. 

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