September 10, 2015

I try to be for stuff.

I am not a scientist, a researcher or epidemiologist. I was a banker, and my undergrad degree is in finance, so I have a little bit of a feel for portfolio management.  From that, I have some appreciation for the idea of balancing risks.

Pharmaceutical development is spectacularly risky. Most drug candidates fail. The costs are HUGE. Estimates are the average new drug cost well over a billion dollars.  To a finance guy, high costs and high failure rates is the very definition of risk.

Risk is mitigated by diversifying. Hell, we all know don’t put all your eggs in one basket right? I doubt there will be “a” cure for type 1, as in one treatment that works for all. I suspect there will be a variety of cure-ish advancements. Each, hopefully, is relatively independent or the others so a lack of success in one area does not preclude success in another.

Vaccination against T1D would be great. I’m not sure how you figure out who needs it. Or how to get the anti-vacs community to accept it.  Those are way smaller issues than finding an effective vaccination for some portion of the possible population.

That would leave a lot of people with T1D. Mostly adults. Many of who are looking to destress their lives with insulin. I’m all for a variety of possible solutions to parts of the puzzle. Because - Your Diabetes May Vary.

I am for closing the gap between the lab bench and the practical world of high volume production of clinical treatments. Scaling up from one-offs studies to mass production is not trivial. That is at time difficult where the potential market is limited, like type 1 diabetes.

I am for people with diabetes working to the ends that they see as valuable and giving where they feel called to give. Part of you call to action is to be knowledgeable. No small task. In that regard, I find Joshua Levy blog an excellent read on the science. Even reading there and from other sources I am not confident that I would know what bets to place. What cure like opportunities will succeed in both the science and the market. Make no mistake both are required.

Living well till there are steps to a cure matters too. Accurate blood testing matters, access to strips and insulin matters. CGM’s matter. Psychosocial issues matter - a lot.  Type 2 medications may help some type 1 and type 1 devices may help some type 2s. Stigma does not help anyone, and that includes parents of type 1 kids (like me) realizing that type 2 is a disease not a character fault. Just like type 1 type 2 is rooted in physiological responses.

I am for a diversified approach to living better, finding steps to incrementally more cure-like treatments that diversify risk and in doing so fosters successful outcomes. I am wary of any one set of best things being the solution in five and particularly ten years. I'm for creating new things were you see a gap that need filling, without name calling those who prioritize differently. I'm for diversified investments in diabetes: basic research, better living while research happens, psychosocial support, successful life transitions, empowering patients and more.

I am for JDRF
I am for ADA
I am for CWD
I am for DSMA
I am for the DOC
I am for #WeAreNotWating and for and effective FDA and don't see that as a conflict.
I am for DCAF
I am for StripSafely
Through all of that I am for YDMV as I try to be for PWD.

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