September 1, 2015

We Take Hits. - Thanks Emily Coles - #DOCBurnout2015

 If life with diabetes is comparable to battle then maybe the DOC is sitting around the bar swapping war stories. Ok, that is a bit of a stretch but it lets me bring in this picture

The picture Emily Coles from Master Lab. You can see her presentation on YouTube here. She talked about the planes that came back with hits.

The places where there were not red dots is where the holes brought down the plane. No stories at the bar.

Speaking up means taking hits. In the DOC what is really sad is some of these may have been friendly fire. Christel writes about that here.

My contribution to DOC burnout day is this: know you are going to take hits if you speak up. That is part of the process. Reinforces the places where the hits may keep you from succeeding in your mission.

There was a reason missions flew in formation back in the day. Strength in numbers.

The DOC is not combat. We can take a day off. It is OK to not trade stories at the bar. My 2¢ for the day is simply; we are stronger together.