February 28, 2008

Another way of (Mis?) Understanding Diabetes

The financial industry version.

The Motley fool published an article putting Biodel in with 4 other “deathbed stocks.” In part they say, “Biodel's VIAject system will compete against Humulin, made by Eli Lilly. However, although it seems to be absorbed more quickly than Humulin, there's nothing yet to suggest that will be enough to cause patients to switch.” They also noted that oral insulin took a hit with “the bong.” [link]

Funny it was exactly the faster absorption that got me interested in the company and a bought a few shares for kicks. Faster injected insulin strikes me as much more interesting than oral insulin.

Meanwhile JP Morgan started coverage of the Same Biodel with and “Overweight” rating saying, “VIAject's potential superior clinical profile could compete with the current products of Eli Lilly and Co and Novo Nordisk that are dominating the market, and could capture 10 to 15 percent of the market by 2012, JP Morgan said in a note to clients.”

So apparently even in the financial markets YDMV.

So my fellow T1 people what do you think is a faster insulin something you would buy?