February 7, 2008

Diabetech in the News

Our friend Kevin McMahon's company is in the news. Kevin is a thoughtful guy who has added comments here at YDMV and even more at CWD. Check out his news:

Following several years of research and development in over a dozen clinical trials, Diabetech is pleased to launch the GlucoMON-RT subscription service available immediately to the broad diabetes community. At $29.95/mo, Diabetech has solved not only the problem of keeping people with diabetes safe (ie - children with type 1 safe at school) with a real-time remote monitoring solution but also making it affordable to millions of people in the US and soon expanding to other parts of the globe


Congratulations Kevin & Co. Best Wishes

1 comment :

  1. Hey thanks for the plug. We need to get some buzz going on this new product launch, too. Any ideas on how to do that? We know that like other new tech, description isn't nearly the same as having real-world experience with it.