February 23, 2008

Newbie Advice III – Why aren’t we in The Caymans?

If it is a ‘Honeymoon’ why aren’t we at a beach in on some nice Island?

Newbie Tip I was about diabetes mind games and II was a vocabulary lesson. We are getting brave here and we are going to mix mind games and vocabulary. Keep you arms and legs inside the ride at all times. We are going to talk about the term ‘Honeymoon.’

We are going to go with sarcasm here. You’re new to diabetes and a little dark humor should help with the stress.

As far as I can tell the phrase ‘Honeymoon’ as relating to diabetes was coined by a sadist.
The dude’s marriage must have really been god awful if he thought it was a good analogy to compare diabetes care with the first blush of marital bliss. Maybe it wasn’t a guy but I am not convinced that would explain it either.

Just to be sure I wasn’t nuts I looked up the word honeymoon:
1) a vacation or trip taken by a newly married couple
2) the month or so following a marriage
3) any period of blissful harmony
4) any new relationship characterized by an initial period of harmony and goodwill

None of those come close to fitting the diabetes situation. Some confuse thing even more.

Let start with the first one: Diabetes isn’t a vacation, it is forever. You can’t take a break for week or two from it and comeback and pick up where you left off without issues. And unlike a new marriage there is no pre-nup, no divorce option - you’re stuck with it - For Life.

Two: The month thing just screws people up. The diabetes ‘Honeymoon’ isn’t a few weeks to a month but insulin resistance is. See Newbie Tip I.

The ‘Honeymoon is the period from diagnosis to the point that all practical insulin production in the pancreas is gone. It takes a while, a year to years is as good a time frame to think about as any - Your Diabetes May Vary. From our experience insulin production goes out in fits and spurts.

Blissful: If you think there is anything “Blissful” about diabetes you are on crack. As for the ‘Honeymoon’ well insulin production goes out in fits and spurts typically just when you think you have a handle on managing blood sugar. Diabetes is real good at changing just when you think you getting the hang of dealing with it. It is a mind game and growth Spurts and puberty just ad to the ‘Bliss’ of diabetes management making the ‘Honeymoon’ oh so much sweeter!

Ok it doesn’t make it sweeter. But you learn to manage and that the whole point.

As for harmony and goodwill I can’t see it, must folks new relationship with diabetes is all about stress and confusion. ‘Honeymoon’ my eye. About the only thing I can say is similar between the ‘Honeymoon’ and a honeymoon in the traditional idea, is that they both eventually end.

The ‘Honeymoon’ last longer than 1, 2 and 4. Best wished that you have a marriage like 3.

The ‘Honeymoon’ ends when the body stops insulin production. You are there when the average Total Daily Dose if insulin is about 1 unit per kilo of weight (2.2 lbs for us Americans who don’t do the metric system.)

Now just because the ‘Honeymoon’ is over don’t get all excited and think your diabetes will be easy to manage. Growth, puberty, exercise, stress, excitement, weather, fat, grease alcohol, pizza and a whole lot more screw up the best made diabetes plans.

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