June 7, 2008

Investing in a Cure.

I look at contributing to Type 1 research as investing in our kids futures.

When investing it is best to follow ye olde adage, "don't put all you eggs in one basket." In short - diversify your investments. I have a fancy smancy degree in finance. I used to be able to do all the math too. Anyway I can say with some basis in academics that the adage is close to Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT.)

OK I learned MPT so long ago it is now probably Ye Olde Portfolio Theory now.

Readers of YDMV know I watch the business of T1 care. I think there will be a number of incremental type 1 breakthroughs on a variety of approaches that address a different parts of a very complex issue.

I don't think there will be a single 'THE CURE.' I want to believe in a magic bullet, just like I want some 400 share investment to explode and make me financially secure. I know that neither is likely. So I say spread it around. In investing it is called a diversified portfolio. My approach is like buying a mutual fund. I look for a way to give to a broad number of alternatives.

For me a good 'mutual fund' will have a low expense ratio. They will invest in a diversified pool that represents a lot of different T1 issues and approaches to those issues. Like every T1 issue. Your Diabetes May Vary.

For me JDRF is currently my 'mutual fund' of choice for supporting Type1 cures. Like a mutual fund I keep an eye on what they are doing.

Faustman is great and so are some others. I can certainly see putting an egg in those baskets too if you are inclined to weight you portfolio in those directions.

I remain convinced that a diversified portfolio of research is the best approch to the risks associated with any one approach showing promise but falling short.

In all honesty I don't just give to JDRF I invest in some T1 medical companies as well. I currently have a few shares of Biodel and Dexcom. Probably not smart investing (not well advised under MPT) but if nothing else I get to read their 10Ks.

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  1. This approach makes sense to me. But I've really been looking at some of the 'investment' decisions by JDRF and they no longer seem completely focused on a cure.

    I remain exasperated by their lack of support for Faustman's research. So I'm taking a contrarian view and focusing on Dr. Faustman's work.

    I think the main thing is to do something that supports research in general. It's too easy to give up and hope that somehow a breakthrough with just happen. This is something we all need to work on.