June 10, 2008

Pumps are not about insulin infusion

Pumps are part of holistically improving the quality of life for families dealing with type 1 diabetes. It is not about the bells and ringers on the pump. It is about how bells and ringers help provide better control or the same level of good control with more flexibility or good control with less effort by those doing the controlling.

It is about integrating the tools of management into a life. Yes having a life.

There is a concept.

Most of T1 families know the day our lives changed.

The pump is one of the tools for getting a life. Others are; the comfort and ease of use of the set, diabetes information management, the logistics of supply chain, warranty, service, aesthetics, upgrades and more.

If someone wants to sell you a pump ask about their, set, software and business practices. Ask them how they propose to help out. How do they deal with 3:00 am. Ask them if a human being will answer the phone at 3:00 pm.

I want better control of basal rates in growing children. That will require stronger integration of BG, basal rates and time than anything I have seen offered yet. I expect to be able to choose my tools, meters, cgms, pumps so it would be a huge help if the industry came up with some data standards.

Bernard Farrell said this about that:

One of the key parts to this (and the thing I've been preaching about for a while) is a unified data standard for diabetes data. Something that all device makers (pumps, meters, CGMS) follow. That would make it possible to actually take data from several devices and combine it into a single package for graphing and analysis.

I'm still hoping.

That Barnard, he's a smart guy. Here is his proposed diabetes data standard. What is significant here is this is a user who would benefit a standard not the standard practice of a corporation seeking to benefit from restricting users to only their proprietary information protocol. That is so outside the box that I doubt there are many that get it.

Better control from improved basal rates made possible by data management. Not one thing about a glossy gizmo on a pump. That may sound hard to sell but then again it is not about selling a pump it is about improving the quality of life.

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