June 4, 2008

Pump hardware Upgrades. (or lets start a riot who's got pitch forks and tourches)

I think the practice of charging for pump hardware upgrades is a crock. Particularly the practice of charging more the longer you have been a client particularly if you buy your consumable supplies from the manufacturer.

I say we start insisting on affinity programs the recognize the value of an ongoing relationship.

We buy a pump. It is a few grand. We buy supplies. That another few grand a year. Yeah insurance pays some of, or if your lucky most of, those costs.

OK Who makes the choice of brand M vs A vs P vs C? We do. Who chooses where to buy all those consumables? We do.

Who pays the fee for upgrades? We do.


We send a huge payment up front and a monthly annuity for four years to a company. In those four years they will come out with new and better products. How do they treat us. Stick us with a bigger bill for upgrades the longer we have been loyal customers.

What is up with that?

Even the airlines are smarter than that.

Who gets the frequent flier miles, the sales woman who chooses the flight or her company. The system is designed so she does. The company rewards the decision maker. The more she decides to use one airline the more they reward her.

Airlines are about the lowest level of customer service satisfaction in the know world. How can they get that the more the consumer brings to the relationship the more good stuff they get and pump companies don't?

I think we should get some kind of frequent pumper miles. Some kind of an upgrade credit for the amount of disposable sets and stuff we buy.

Then come renewal time we would already be using the latest and greatest and wouldn't feel the need to shop around.

The difference between the airlines and the pump folks is simple. Airline passengers can change airline every trip. The airline has to try to compete every day.

Big pharma, compete, your kidding right? They have a 4 year sale cycle.