August 11, 2009

Of Mice and Men: Pills & Genes

More mice news.

For people not familiar with the YMDV series "Of Mice and Men" the Mice bit it is a tool I use to say. "Hey if you hear about this or if a family member of friend hears about this and get all excited that there is a cure, keep in mind the mice get used in the early stages of investigation and there is a very long path from mice to men." It is good to know this stuff an important to keep it in a perspective that the mice stuff is far way from any actual treatment development and human trials. Oh and parents pediatric approval is even father down range.

That said let see what the mice are up to:

Science Daily as a bit on a possible pill for T1. Mice are involved.

The idea is that that a medication that was developed for other uses may help regulate the immune system.

In other mice related news Science Daily also reports on studies that may identify identified a gene that may play a role in the development of type 1.

It does say hope and might before although "a lot of ifs remain before we will know whether it could be taken to the clinic,"

What it all mean? Science is poking around type 1 and some mice may be seeing positive results. Mow many mice and how long the goodness last isn't clear.

Maybe possibly something comes of this. It good that a variety of work is getting done. People with diabetes can take comfort in the idea that there is a lot of science being done because it is going to take a lot of science to make even modest gain.

Mean while back at the ranch, it is important that we deal with type 1 now with the tools we have now and try to keep what little mental health we have left now.

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