November 13, 2009

Contour USB II

Everyone who saw the Contour USB used the same one word.


The initial responses to this thing were fantastic. Styling counts. My 16 year old T1 said it was about time Bayer stepped up their game. We joked about teachers mistaking it for an iPod - that is a design compliment.

This Meter is cool. The old Contour - not so cool.

Interestingly everyone who used it a has a similar response the first test. They all like Bayer’s method of tagging before or after meals. That being, it asks for a tag while it is counting down the blood test. There are two plusses here. 1) You log the blood check as before or after a meal. 2) It give you something to do while the meter thinks. Bayer calls this AutoLog. Nice use of the five second it takes to calculate a number.

I wondered if AutoLog would get old. Delaney used it the most of anyone and she didn’t ever complain about the AutoLog feature.

All of y’all out there in DOC land asked the same question - how much blood? Well it is a regular Contour strip. It uses a lot - 0.6 μL. That a ton more than our Jazz meters use.

The color screen is way easier to read than any meter I have seen. Big kudos there. I never took it out into direct sunlight and can’t say if that is an issue or not. The screen does a nice job of changing to tell you what the buttons do. Maybe it is just the landscape layout but it seems easier to line up the button function and the button than most meters.

Also in the cool feature department is the illuminated test strip port. Makes confirming a late night CGM reading a lot easier. Every meter should have this.

I am not a fan of Bayer lancing device. Mostly because it seems bigger than it needs to be. Now this may be a design play for the older lest dexterous type 2 market, I don’t know, but size matters to me and their lancing device is too big. Here it is with a smaller WaveSense pokie. As previously noted the colored lancets were a big hit with the tween and 4 year old TDL.

On the topic of size, somehow the case for The fairly small Contour USB meter is bigger than a Jazz case. As previously advertised in my world smaller is better.

The real deal here is the USB port. After everyone (Delaney, Connor and TLD) gave it a test blood test there were enough data points to test out the software. Plug and play. It was easy enough.

No cable. Standard USB Plug. WoHoo! Score Bayer! Not only groove styling but actual standardized connectivity, functionality anyone with a computer can use!

The software is fairly straight forward. I grabbed a few screen screen grabs and a few pictures are worth a lot more more than a bunch of my words. So here goes:

Nice straight forward log book. Different colors for in range, low and high.

You can click and see your log book into a nice groovy chart. Same color scheme. Just a note here when you look at the log in the meter the in range is white text and high and low are both orange. I guess the meter programing geeks and the software that is going to live in the meter geeks didn't get the same memo on how to use colors.

Pie charts for Thanksgiving dinner dessert.

And you can setup the meter at the keyboard. That green blob there is teling me the default seetings for high and low are different than what I put in the merer. One quick click solved that.

I agree with the teenager the Contour USB puts Bayer back into the game with good design and a significantly smaller form factor. Yo Tim across the pond, you need to check one of these out.Mostly all good. The sample size is a tad big, so is the case. My views on case colors is that with two type 1 kids around (three when we babaysit TLD) you need to be able to tell what meter goes with what kid at a glance. Color helps a lot.

If you are using Contour strips now get one of the these bad boys. They rock. If you are on a meter you don’t love give it a try.

Bayer Dudes.
Y’all need to come back to Friends for Life. Bring guitar hero and this meter. You will get converts. WaveSense needs a run for their money and so far you are it.