January 18, 2010

Dexcom as Entertainment News

I took one for the DOC team and listened to the Dexcom presentation at the 28th Annual JP Morgan Health Conference. You don’t have to.

You are welcome.

After a fair amount of opening material for the folks who not only don’t know what Dexcom does or what diabetes is, (about 15 to 16 minutes) it got a little more interesting. That is when Terry Gregg talked about coming attractions.


Always one of my favorites at the local Multi Plex. Here is what you can expect in this summer's block busters: Lt. Uhura is on the case and she found an open COM channel. Dex will talk to pumps, Animas and Omni pod were specifically seen in the trailer. The expectation is it will be in theaters this year (2010.) YDMV. Yeah Lt Uhura! Must be the next generation hot, smart and unimpressed buy the new Kirk, Uhura. (Wait! Wasn’t Newkirk on Hogans Heros before kissing all the ladies on that game show?)

Dexcom the next generation is coming too, where in Geordi La Forge will tweak the warp drive and they will be able to have the replicator produce more and better sensors. Also in the “Mid Term” Next Gen, faster tricorder warm up and better accuracy via more groovy math. So I guess it will also feature Charlie Eppes from NUMB3RS. Also this Mid Term starts to get more interesting as Dexcom moves the glucose engine to the transmitter. The intent is open architecture on the receiver end. Think Phones. Yes Terry mentioned the 'produce' brand names of phones (apples and berries) as likely open source receivers.

Skipping out of the entertainment news and into the business section. Animas pays out big when Dexcom get the regulatory blessing of a CE mark. $5 million. They also pay Dex $200 for every non USA pump sold with the integrated CGM. That is expected this year too. Now if I was the type to speculate without any knowledge, facts, wisdom or anything else resembling a clue, I would think J&J would be looking to buy the whole company outright at that point but that would be baseless and totally irresponsible of me.

So for families dealing looking for integrated CGM options 2010 should be a good year both in and outside the US of A.

Live Long and Prosper.

(Oh and the real entertainment Buzz at Sundance is on a flick called Buried.)


  1. What isn't Johnson and Johnson looking to buy?!

    Thanks for the update :)

  2. Great update, Bennet!

    (And LOL at the Sundance nod! Here's a quick hint - I hear that there's going to be a trailer shown on Entertainment Tonight on 1/19 [also known as tomorrow night]. Tune in to see the first clips of the movie! /PSA for Chris.) :)

  3. (Kerri the whole post was a set up for the Sundance plug as far as I am concerned.

    PS: I got a 3.75 GPA at NYU film school from Kelley for Christmas)

  4. That is an AWESOME GPA. I can't wait to see what she does next!!