January 12, 2010

Little Help?

One of my fellow diabetes blog friends needs your two bits.

For anyone still wondering about that blogger summit this kind of thing is the biggest outcome. We know eachother well enough to reach out fir eachothers help. That is a good thing.

Here goes:

William riosdad(at)plateautel.net wrote:

So my next project is going to be a Type-3 manual, a book for those poor people that are stuck with us T-1s and T-2s in their lives. I think I've got all the bases covered in my outline, but I'd love feedback from persons with diabetes about what they wish their loved ones knew, what they wish they would do, and what they wish they
wouldn't do. I'd also like to hear from more mates and parents to get their views on what they wish someone had told them in the beginning.

Could you possibly post some sort of info request for me on your uber-blogs?

And of course I would greatly value your personal thoughts and insights as well.


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  1. Looks cool (if I were a 10-year old!) and I'm glad they got approval to offer it here. Maybe someone else can cut a deal with Sony's PSP?!