January 11, 2010

Kerri's Two Sentences

are the best two I have ever read about being a partent of a T1 child.

She wrote it the other way around as at T1 mom to her growing baby. Yet her words are still brilliant as the voice of The Fear deep down inside of a parent with T1 kiddos. Technology not withstanding, we still have diabetes. Diabetes is silent and does obscene things inside our heads and hearts. We pretend everything is alright, most of the time it kinda is, so we pretend away. But that bit is there raging inside of me, the part that can't take this away from my daughter.

Thanks Kerri for putting word to it.

I just feel like a failure, frustrated to tears because no matter how much
technology we have access to as modern-day diabetics, we still have
diabetes. And this obscene disease looks so quiet from the outside, but it
rages on inside of me every day, even when I'm working so hard to pretend to be
cured for my daughter.
Oh and pancakes are a brilliant suggestion. I think I'll make'm for dinner.


  1. Those are indeed the best two sentences ever.

  2. Thank you, Bennet. This whole parenting thing is so new, and she's not even outside of me, yet.

    I'm pretty sure I might be a basket case in July. But she'll be born by then, so I'm definitely joining you guys by the pool for a drink at CWD.

    Chris said he'd watch the baby. ;)