February 3, 2010

Practice Makes...

I believe there is tremendous long term value in tweens making decisions for their diabetes care. Little decisions lead to big ones.

They want a different meter? Fine.

They want to eat and bolus vs. pre bolus so they can carb count what they ate, they want the CGM off for a while, the set someplace else or a shot in the arm - I am all for trying it. What ever as long as it is in bounds of fair care. The daily numbers maybe a mess. I am OK with that as long as it is a learning experience. Decision making is a skill that takes practice.

Perfect diabetes numbers are not obtainable, good self management is.

I look at good with a long term view. Good is my kids effectively managing their diabetes and me supporting them in the ways that work for them. Variations in routine for a few days or even months are not as significant as developing the decision skills that support independently managing diabetes.

How do you support decision making?