March 30, 2011

Dear Depressed In The West

Kelly Kunik aka K2 has an emotional response to a letter from a reader about diabetes worry. It a great little piece and if you haven't seen it yet go read it now. Anything I have to say, can wait.

So now that you have read it this next bit is redundant because it is my comment there:

I'll jump in with the not particularly sage observation that Diabetes is in fact a rat bastard. It likes to play mind games with the goal of keeping PWD less than they can be.

All too often diabetes care is talked about in terms of numbers and compliance. Who the hell wants to be a number? As for the compliance bit I have seen enough science fiction to know that the robot overlords from outer space want us to be compliant.

Those robots are not the only ones. Yesterday I wrote about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I wish I had read this first because I would have cast the idea that diabetes care is about numbers and compliance as The Bad. (MTV's casting call would still be The Ugly.) The Bad doesn't see that living with diabetes takes an emotional toll. The Bad doesn't see the whole person with diabetes. It cuts out the emotions, well except the bad stuff like guilt and depression. I think emotional support is every bit as necessary as insulin and from what I hear around the DOC so do a lot of other people who are smarter than I am.

Don't let the the rat bastard focus on The Bad and The Ugly. You are entitled to have The Good too.