December 15, 2011

Schooling to Think Like a Pancreas - Free

Gary Scheiner, CDE, author of Think Like a Pancreas and all around good guy is offering his Type 1 University online classes FREE in January. I think this is a GREAT deal for anyone who is looking to kick their diabetes management up a notch, particularly if doing so is part of resolution making for the New Year.

Classes on the schedule for January are:
- Mastering Pump Therapy
- Blood Glucose Control During Sports & Exercise
- Advanced Carb Counting
- Getting the Most from Your Continuous Glucose Monitor
- Weight Loss for Insulin Users
- Hypoglycemia Prevention & Management
- Strike the Spike: After-Meal Glucose Control
- Managing Pregnancy with Type-1 Diabetes
Practical Pramlintide – Making Effective Use of Symlin

Curious but not ready to commit to a full one hour class?

Think Pizza.

Gary has a short class on pizza with type 1. It runs about 10 minutes. Maybe start there and if that seems effective take another class or two in January for free.

Here is a little promo for the Pizza class:

For more visit

Full disclosure: I shot and edited these, and another, short ads for Gary. There were no fees involved but Gary did buy lunch.


  1. Yeah Gary! I gotta advertise it myself on my blog! You did a great job with the videos Bennet!

  2. Thanks Penny. I am all for sharing this with anyone who can use Gary's classes to better live with taking insulin.